Marc currently chairs the Centre for Turkish, Ottoman, Balkan and Central Asian Studies (CETOBaC), a joint research unit of CNRS, the Collège de France, and EHESS. His research centers around philological and sociological encounters in the late Ottoman empire (18th-20th c.). Previously, Marc studied the transformations of imperial government through a provincial lens: this resulted in A Provincial History of the Ottoman Empire: Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean in the Nineteenth Century (London and New York: Routledge, 2014), along with “Un Grand Progrès—sur le papier”. Histoire provinciale des réformes ottomanes à Chypre au XIXe siècle (Paris, Louvain and Walpole, M.A.: Peeters, 2010). He then worked on fakes and forgeries as a litmus test of political thought and practice, as exemplified by his third book, Les Faux-Monnayeurs d’Istanbul (Toulouse: Anacharsis, 2019). His works currently focus on translation as key to the functioning of Ottoman administration, and on interrogation reports as sources on the practice and utterance of law.

Marc has also been involved in collective research activities and publications. He has been actively involved in the editorial boards of several journals: Labyrinthe. Atelier interdisciplinaire, the European Journal of Turkish Studies, the Cahiers du Monde Russe and Archiv Orientalni.

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