Popular conspiracy theories surrounding the 2023 Lausanne centenary are steeped in oil. Jonathan Conlin invited Zeynep Oguz to discuss how this “absent presence” is invoked in debates surrounding irredentism and national sovereignty in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Cultural, political and environmental anthropologist, before her recent translation to the University of Lausanne Zeynep was Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Humanities at Northwestern. She has a particular interest in how oil and energy infrastructures shape territorial formations, particularly those surrounding Cyprus and the Kurds, and is currently developing a project exploring how geological and political formations are entangled across the Global South. This interview was recorded on 15 October 2021.

Episode 6 – Fueling Speculation

Podcasts are published by TLP for the purpose of encouraging informed debate on the legacies of the events surrounding the Lausanne conference. The views expressed by participants do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of TLP, its partners, convenors or members.

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