An opportunity to help TLP bring our expertise to Turkish High Schools.

With the help of a grant from SIAH, the Southampton Institute for the Arts and Humanities, TLP is preparing Turkish-language Teacher’s Packs for high school-level history teachers in Turkey. We hope to encourage students to approach the centenary of this seminal moment in the history of the Republic and wider world in new ways, bringing our members’ latest research straight to the classroom.

As İsmail Demircioğlu’s research has noted, Turkish history teaching has struggled to instill the critical thinking skills necessary to foster active citizenship. Students tend to be presented with a monovocal master narrative, without being encouraged to reflect on the role such narratives play in nation-building and identity politics. TLP hopes to take a small step to address this situation.

In September 2022 we were delighted to announce that Dr Elena Stevens was selected to produce these materials, from among a number of candidates who responded to our advertisement of this new project and the role. Elena is Subject Lead for History at St Philip Howard Catholic High School. She completed a PhD in modern British cultural history prior to entering teaching in 2016, and has since established a reputation as a leading innovator in teaching practice. Alongside contributions to the online journal Practical Histories her books include 40 Ways to Diversify the History Curriculum (2022).

Once developed, these teaching resources will need to be refined in the light of feedback gained from actual classroom use. To that end, we are still looking for active Turkish high school teachers willing to give these materials a test run and collect feedback. Teachers interested in this are also invited to get in touch via the email below. Participating teachers will be paid a honorarium for their time and expertise.

The deadline for this opportunity has now passed, but we are planning follow-on activities involving both Turkish as well as Greek history high school teachers. If this is of interest please email us at

The skills of enquiry and critical thinking, both of which are crucial for critical awareness and active citizenship, can be taught to students in history courses. The data would seem to suggest that, in Turkish high schools at least, the teaching of history does not encourage active citizenship.

İsmail Demircioğlu, “Perceptions of Turkish History Teachers”, Int. Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research 8.1 (2009).