Ozan Ozavci asks Gingko’s founder Barbara Schwepcke about the inspiration and vision behind the foundation, and how its support for TLP fits into its broader agenda. For Gingko it’s not just about fostering connections between scholars in the West and the Middle East, it’s also about prodding them to leave the ivory tower and connect with visual artists, poets and the public at large.

Image credits: Samuel Shimon

Episode 3 – When is a tree also a registered charity?

Ginkgo Biloba

The ginkgo, that Eastern tree,
In my garden plot now grows.
In its leaf there seems to be
A secret that the wise man knows.

Is that leaf one and lonely?
In itself in two divided?
Is it two that have decided
To be seen as one leaf only?
To such questions I reply:
Do not my love songs say to you
– Should you ever wonder why
I sing, that I am one yet two?

- translation by Anthea Bell 

West-Eastern Divan

The complete, annotated new translation, including Goethe’s ‘Notes and Essays’ & the unpublished poems

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

translated by Eric Ormsby

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