What will 2023 mean for today’s Turkey? Jonathan Conlin in conversation with historian Nick Danforth.

It’s not only the centenary of the Republic, 2023 will also mean important elections, as well as the Middle East’s own Y2K moment, in which Lausanne’s secret clauses will (so the conspiracy theory goes) be revealed for the first time. Having read his 2014 Foreign Policy post looking ahead to the centenary Jonathan Conlin invited historian Nick Danforth to share his thoughts on how the Erdogan regime might engage (or not) with Lausanne’s legacy in 2023.

Nick Danforth is Visiting Scholar at George Washington University and a regular contributor to Foreign Affairs, Atlantic and the New York Times. His book, The Remaking of Republican Turkey: Memory and Modernity since the Fall of the Ottoman Empire has just been published by Cambridge University Press. This conversation was recorded on 16 June 2021.

Episode 4: Lifting the Curse of Lausanne with Nick Danforth

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